Ways to be First in Line for New Items

Back in the olden days of the Internet, I started selling my glass beads on eBay. Sometimes people missed out on an item because the auction ended with a Buy It Now, sometimes the auction ended before they realized. In either case, they missed out.

Customers asked if they could be notified when I listed beads, so I started the “Quick List” email list to let people know when I listed new items (hello to you faithful Quick Listers who may be reading this!).

A few years later, Etsy came on the scene and I was part of the first beta group for that platform. It solved some of the listing urgency problems and I slid off of my regular Quick List email schedule.

Now Everything is Different

So many things have changed since I started out online. Mainly, the invention of social media. That changed the landscape of everything, didn’t it? I joined in – you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I don’t have them all figured out, but I enjoy the different aspects of each platform.

Today I add one more. Actually a subset of my Facebook page. I took the plunge and… created a Facebook Group.

Janet Crosby Facebook Group

I know… Why?

I have resisted starting a group because 3 social pages seemed like plenty. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • I want to be in compliance with anti-spam and privacy laws. I started the original email list as a text-only, bcc’ed email.
  • Facebook started not showing my main (general) page to people who had liked it. They would rather earn money by asking me to pay them to show my page. (I don’t) Groups were a way around this, at first. I am sure Facebook now throttles views on group posts, too.
  • Related: A legitimate workaround for seeing all posts by a page or group on Facebook: click on the “notifications” button below the header image on a page and select how often you would like to see posts from that page. The default is “highlights” only. I am not sure what they consider a highlight to be.

But What if I’m Not on Facebook?! (or Prefer Email)

I hear you. Not everyone is on Facebook, and that is fine. For that reason, please email me to be added to a new, improved Quick List email list.

Ways to be First in Line

To recap, here are the 3 ways to be first in line:

  1. Join my Facebook Buying Group
  2. Subscribe to blog posts on this blog (sidebar – “Subscribe to Blog via Email”)
  3. ‘Like’ my regular Facebook page. I will post a ‘heads up’ (not detailed item listings) when new items are available for purchase. To receive notifications of Facebook page activity, please see the graphic at the bottom of this page that I created for tips on setting up.

What About Shop Listings?

Items that do not sell in the “first look” round will then be added to my shop in ~24 hours.