Listing New Glass NOW in my Facebook Group

New Listings - group 1 -

Yesterday, I wrote about a new way to be first in line to see and purchase my glass art. The most direct route is to join my Facebook group for purchasing my art.

I will also post group shots of what I will be listing right here. If you see something you would like and aren’t on Facebook, please email me with your request. All items are offered on a first grab basis.

Also, for this way of shopping, shipping is included for US addresses (discounted for international).

Because all of my work is one-of-a-kind, if you see something you like, it is best to get it while you can. I plan to list new items each week. Any items not sold within a week will then be listed in my shop.

Thank you for your interest.

Here’s What’s Available This Week:

New Listings - group 1 -

New Listings - group 3 -

New Listings - group 2 -

Fastest Route to these ItemsMy Facebook Group