Half Here

January Sunset - janetcrosby.com

January is always the longest month for me.
At least there are pretty sunsets.

January Sunset - janetcrosby.com

Communication Breakdown

I think I have said it before: bookkeeping is not my skillset. My annual filer taxes are due each January. I am used to it now. Admittedly, I didn’t get started right at the beginning of the month, but thought it would be fine.

Then my trusty computer died. Died dead. Oh, the things you never plan for when you procrastinate. I was happy that I did a full back-up a few days before, but it was a scramble formatting a new hard drive and getting back up and running. And ugh… all of that password-remembering.

Two days later, my phone started randomly freezing or turning off dead. I started to wonder what I was doing to my electronics. That fix was easier — a complete wipe of data back to factory settings. It is like having a brand new phone that is your same old phone. Without all of those handy passwords.

Creativity Breakdown

I have not been super creative or productive this month. But I had a good studio day yesterday and hope to have some new items soon.

Only Half Here

While I was completing my taxes, I realized that only half of my backup data actually made it to my new hard drive. Plus, my computer is still struggling. Daily crashes that the repair tech said may be caused by something wrapped up in the back-up.

So this weekend will be a total scrub and re-install. Once I am all put back together, I hope to list some more items.

Hello, February! 🙂