Solitary Mushroom -

Bear with me, those of you who are tired of my posts about mushrooms. I am still finding so many different kinds out there. Thanks in large part to the rainiest October on record. I am not the only one noticing the mushroom explosion. My local paper did[…]

In The Studio - Alisa Burke Interview

An artist I greatly admire is Oregon coast artist Alisa Burke. She is talented, inspiring, and a great teacher. I took a couple of her online classes this summer. She offers so many classes! Something for everyone. So… I am super happy for the opportunity to participate in her In[…]

Safety Pin Heart -

I’m letting Rumi, the 13th century poet, take the wheel today. Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction. —Rumi Share:

Fall Hike - Giant rock with a single tree

I was recently asked this question, and before I blurt out my standard answer of ‘everywhere,’ I carried this question on a hike to mull it over. I recently discovered an amazing trailhead, only a few minutes from my house. My daughter went with me, and while she[…]

Slimy Mushroom in the Forest -

My fascination with mushrooms isn’t new. I grew up hiking through the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest and always stopped to admire the mushrooms – they are everywhere. It’s just that I am taking a closer look now. Have you ever noticed that when you notice something,[…]

A new view -

No, not those kinds of mushrooms! Read on… It began like so many weekends, filled with promise. Mostly my selfish promise of staying in my studio all. weekend. long. and making art. But… that didn’t happen. Plans, interrupted Life, laundry, and all of the regular stuff squeezed in. This[…]

Spooky Trees Makeover -

I hate being scared. You will never find me at a scary movie or a haunted house. Suffice to say, the only thing I like about Halloween is the candy. But I couldn’t resist stopping by the Halloween section at Target a while ago. A small framed piece of[…]

Enameled Leaves and Dog Bones -

I have been working on enamels this week, and have a sampling available for sale in my Art For Sale Facebook group. You are also welcome to email me to inquire about availability if you aren’t on Facebook. I list new items each week in the Facebook group[…]

Red Glass Hearts by Janet Crosby

Whatever medium I am working in  — glass, paint, watercolor, photography, yarn — the unifying inspiration for me is color. Sweet harmonies and zingy pops of colors. I love them all. I love working with glass in particular because of the interplay of light. Transparent glass is my favorite,[…]

Designer's Group - Summer Somewhere -

I am starting something new this week: Groupings of beads with jewelry designers in mind. The deal on these groupings is this: 1) They ARE first quality (fully inspected, cleaned, smooth bead holes) and kiln annealed, as all of my beads are. 2) They are NOT matched sets[…]