Fusing process

Fused Jelly April 2019 - Janet Crosby

Yesterday I wrote about my new-to-me bigger kiln and a brief bit about fusing glass. It is a slow process, requiring multiple firings in the kiln. Each firing takes 8-12 hours. Working on the torch, I use a kiln to cool down the glass in a slow and controlled manner. All of the work on…

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Winter Hibernation…?

So much for getting lots done on my website during the winter. Instead, I have been cozied up to my torch or by the fire knitting. Kind of perfect really, for these long, dark, and cold months.

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I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. But I do like the quiet time of winter for reflection, focus (or maybe refocus), and look ahead to what might be in store. I love the ‘choose a word for a year’ idea, and I have done that but I missed out in 2017. Introducing new word charms.

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Shopping Checklist

Mini Watercolor and Chicken Glass Bead by Janet Crosby

I’ll be the first to admit that I loathe shopping and all of that hubbub, whatever the time of year or occasion. But…! I DO love finding that heartfelt gift, especially when I can shop in the comfort of my jammies.

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Art For Animals Wrap-Up

World Vets provides veterinary care for animals that would otherwise have none - photo courtesy of World Vets

Thank you to all who participated in sharing the word, bidding, and taking time to learn more about World Vets in the first ever Art for Animals fundraiser! The Auction The auction for Pippa the Pencil Thief (photo below) closed at $81.00, and World Vets and I extend┬áhearty congratulations and a big thank you to…

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Art for Animals

Pippa The Pencil Thief Necklace

Update: This eBay auction has ended,┬áthank you to all who participated. Stay tuned — future FUN fundraisers are planned! As many of you know, I am a huge animal lover. I am also a veterinarian and I have long wanted to merge these two loves to help animals in need. Even though it has been…

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Hand-cut Enameled Hearts

Enameled Hearts by Janet Crosby

I posted some steps I take to create hand-cut copper enameled hearts on Instagram┬áover the last few weeks.┬áHere are the photos, along with more detailed explanations, to show what is involved when making these heart charms. I started making hearts this way for two reasons: 1) I like each piece to be unique. 2) I…

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Feather Friday Freebie

Pink Watercolor Bird Feather Friday - janetcrosby.com

I don’t post every Feather Friday on the blog, but I usually do on my Instagram and my Facebook page. Today is a first: a Feather Friday Freebie! I painted this watercolor bird then scanned it and saved it as a transparent png. This bird graphic is for personal use only. Please do not include…

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Spoonflower – Art on Fabric

Spoonflower Shrooms - Janet Crosby

As many of you know, I love to paint and photograph mushrooms. I have always been ‘aware’ of mushrooms, growing up in the Pacific Northwest, but this renewed interest was surprising, even to me. It started in my own backyard and then continued with┬ámy love of hiking and stopping to take notice of the many…

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