Quick Knit – Headphone Headband

Knitted Headphones by Janet Crosby

I found these flat, paddle-like earphones recently on Amazon. They are meant to fit inside a headband. I wasn’t sure about wearing a headband while trying to sleep, but I thought I would knit a headband and give it a try.

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My Fair Maidenhair

Maidenhair Fern Frond

My ode to my finicky diva houseplant, the Maidenhair fern. And how this fern was an inspiration for new watercolor paintings.

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Art For Animals Auction!

Pippa High Five Auction is Live

This eBay auction has ended, thank you to all who participated. Stay tuned — future FUN fundraisers are planned! Wait… what auction? Click here for all of the background information about this fundraiser for World Vets Click here for auction and giveaway details

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Plant Jewels (a.k.a. Garden or Plant Stakes)

Kitty Jewel Plant Stake by Janet Crosby

If you scan my Instagram feed, you will find all sorts of plants and trees. That is instant inspiration for me. I have always loved plants, trees, flowers, mushrooms(!), but didn’t do much actual gardening. This spring though, I am all about sprouting and planting stuff! I am also brainstorming ways to add some glass to…

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New Works

Ombre Beads and Fish - Janet Crosby

I haven’t been listing beads lately, but have been spending a lot of time in my studio the last few weeks. I have been working on a few custom orders, but spending most of my time playing around with some new colors, new bead ideas, and trying to figure out new ways to look at…

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Listing New Glass NOW in my Facebook Group

New Listings - group 1 - janetcrosby.com

Yesterday, I wrote about a new way to be first in line to see and purchase my glass art. The most direct route is to join my Facebook group for purchasing my art. I will also post group shots of what I will be listing right here. If you see something you would like and…

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Metal and Glass

Enamel Colors

My word for 2016 is ‘rewrite,’ and I am rewriting how I usually do things. In terms of art, I am trying to push the boundaries by taking the time to experiment and play with my usual materials (glass!) and try new ones, too. So far this year, I have continued exploring glass fusing and have…

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Happy Spring (and New Beads)

Cherry Blossom Heart - janetcrosby.com

First off, happy spring! Even though many of you have been experiencing less than spring-like conditions. I found this sweet little cherry blossom heart last week while walking. At first, I thought someone fashioned this floral greeting, but it was just the way a little branch was growing out of the trunk. I know. I…

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Goats, Coats, and Soaps

Baby Goat Coat

I apologize — I am way behind on studio remodel updates and bead listings, but for now… baby goats. Wearing knitted coats. As some of you know, I love to knit. I have knitted many items over the years, but this was a first – a baby goat coat. This is part of a larger…

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Tile Countdown and New Bones & Kitties

Tile Progress - janetcrosby.com

So close I can’t stand it. 😀 The studio remodel project is in the final phases. I hope everything will be in its place and operational in a week from now. New Beads on Etsy Another ‘boneyard’ listing and a couple of kitties. You can find all Etsy listings here. I also have several listings…

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