Kitty Jewel Plant Stake by Janet Crosby

If you scan my Instagram feed, you will find all sorts of plants and trees. That is instant inspiration for me. I have always loved plants, trees, flowers, mushrooms(!), but didn’t do much actual gardening. This spring though, I am all about sprouting and planting stuff! I am also[…]

Ombre Beads and Fish - Janet Crosby

I haven’t been listing beads lately, but have been spending a lot of time in my studio the last few weeks. I have been working on a few custom orders, but spending most of my time playing around with some new colors, new bead ideas, and trying to[…]

New Listings - group 1 -

Yesterday, I wrote about a new way to be first in line to see and purchase my glass art. The most direct route is to join my Facebook group for purchasing my art. I will also post group shots of what I will be listing right here. If[…]

Enamel Colors

My word for 2016 is ‘rewrite,’ and I am rewriting how I usually do things. In terms of art, I am trying to push the boundaries by taking the time to experiment and play with my usual materials (glass!) and try new ones, too. So far this year, I[…]

Cherry Blossom Heart -

First off, happy spring! Even though many of you have been experiencing less than spring-like conditions. I found this sweet little cherry blossom heart last week while walking. At first, I thought someone fashioned this floral greeting, but it was just the way a little branch was growing[…]

Baby Goat Coat

I apologize — I am way behind on studio remodel updates and bead listings, but for now… baby goats. Wearing knitted coats. As some of you know, I love to knit. I have knitted many items over the years, but this was a first – a baby goat[…]

Tile Progress -

So close I can’t stand it. 😀 The studio remodel project is in the final phases. I hope everything will be in its place and operational in a week from now. New Beads on Etsy Another ‘boneyard’ listing and a couple of kitties. You can find all Etsy[…]

Quincy and the cords - Janet Crosby

The studio rebuild work continues. It seems like the small fiddly bits are taking the longest. Right now I am mainly waiting on floor tile to be done. I can’t wait to move in and organize everything. I am perhaps a little more excited than I should be[…]

Walk Along 5th Avenue in Winter

My sisterly nurse duties are done for now. I may go back in a month or so when my sister has to have another surgery. Time will tell. Before I Left NYC Here are a few more photos from my time in the city. My most favorite thing[…]

While I haven’t melted glass lately :(, I have been working. The studio is coming along. Inspector Q Quincy has been very interested in this project, right from the start. I thought he would grow tired of the action, but no. We should have named him Curious. He[…]