Studio Update – So Close

Quincy and the cords - Janet Crosby

The studio rebuild work continues. It seems like the small fiddly bits are taking the longest. Right now I am mainly waiting on floor tile to be done. I can’t wait to move in and organize everything. Ever-present studio helper I am perhaps a little more excited than I should be with this door. I…

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Back From NYC

Walk Along 5th Avenue in Winter

My sisterly nurse duties are done for now. I may go back in a month or so when my sister has to have another surgery. Time will tell. Nurse duty meant keeping track of everything. Before I Left NYC Here are a few more photos from my time in the city. My most favorite thing…

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Studio Update: Drywall

While I haven’t melted glass lately :(, I have been working. The studio is coming along. Inspector Q Quincy has been very interested in this project, right from the start. I thought he would grow tired of the action, but no. We should have named him Curious. He has completed many inspections so far. He…

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#TBT and Studio Update

#TBT… what? This is Internet shorthand for “Throw Back Thursday” – a look back at old photos or memories. I love seeing the stories, but haven’t participated. Today I will. Here is “Erik the Rooster,” my first sale on Etsy in May of 2006. Trying to find the original Erik photo led me on a…

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Studio Helper

My cat Quincy could not stand the fact that he was not part of the excitement behind the closed door where we were working on my new studio. He meowed. Clawed at the door and carpet (naughty). Meowed some more. I finally gave up and let him in. Yes, this new ventilation system will do the job…

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New Directions, New Studio

First off, happy Caturday! Kitty faces! My favorite time of the week is Saturday morning. Not so much for the obvious weekend time, but for me it is that quiet space — while teenagers slumber and tea is brewed — where ideas are born. And it helps that I am a morning person. 🙂 So, ideas!…

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