The Reindogs

The Reluctant Reindog

Today I am spotlighting a post over on my other site because it features knitting. In this case, knitting tiny reindeer hats for my dogs.

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Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Fall Hike - Giant rock with a single tree

I was recently asked this question, and before I blurt out my standard answer of ‘everywhere,’ I carried this question on a hike to mull it over. I recently discovered an amazing trailhead, only a few minutes from my house. My daughter went with me, and while she still teased me about not being able…

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Listing New Glass NOW in my Facebook Group

New Listings - group 1 -

Yesterday, I wrote about a new way to be first in line to see and purchase my glass art. The most direct route is to join my Facebook group for purchasing my art. I will also post group shots of what I will be listing right here. If you see something you would like and…

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Ribbon Bones

Ribbon Bones -

Some new glass (blue), some glass I have had for a while (green), and some older glass (topaz with blue) all coming together as ribbon bones. It is still April, but I am thinking of Maypole dancing. Remember that? For now, dog bones. Mini Bone Bead Sets These beads are now listed in my shop!

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Brights! Dog Bone Set

Brights - Dog Bone Set -

This might be my first dog bone set. It was hard making plain round beads, but I did it for the sake of the set. Now in my shop. *if you find that this listing is sold and out of stock, please contact me to arrange one made just for you.

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Oh January!

This has been a loooong January. I planned to spend this month doing “paperwork” and while I was ready to dig into my not-so-favorite tasks, I am eager to get back to glass! My plans included general organizing, doing annual taxes, finishing up the studio remodel (so close!), adding a secure certificate to my site,…

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