In the News: Mushrooms

Solitary Mushroom -

Bear with me, those of you who are tired of my posts about mushrooms. I am still finding so many different kinds out there. Thanks in large part to the rainiest October on record. I am not the only one noticing the mushroom explosion. My local paper did a feature on mushrooms yesterday, and I…

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New Pieces: Heart Forests – Available Today

Heart Forests and Rain - Fused Glass Suncatchers by Janet Crosby

This week, I am introducing some new fused glass pieces. They are inspired by where I live — rolling green hills of wheat and barley fields — dotted with fir trees. In this case though, I dotted my landscape with hearts. I also made a ‘rain-lover’ fused piece. Because, rain! ️ These pieces require 2 kiln…

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Ways to be First in Line for New Items

Back in the olden days of the Internet, I started selling my glass beads on eBay. Sometimes people missed out on an item because the auction ended with a Buy It Now, sometimes the auction ended before they realized. In either case, they missed out. Customers asked if they could be notified when I listed…

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Hot Lava and Other New Shop Listings

Hot lava water drops by Janet Crosby

Happy fall! It’s that time for me to slow down and get things in order for winter. I haven’t actually started cleaning or organizing in real life yet, but I have been busy organizing photos, files, and my online shopping spaces. That counts. I have also updated my Shipping Info and Satisfaction Guarantee pages. Hopefully a…

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Enter to Win – Bead Drawing

Bird And Bee Drawing - Sept 2016

I spent the better part of this summer organizing my inventory and creating an inventory system for my gallery spaces. Then I took a look at my 2 online venues – my site shop and my Etsy shop. I had cleanup to do there, too. As we head into fall and the holiday season, I am…

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Bees and Blues

Bees And Blues - handmade glass beads and headpins by Janet Crosby

I am working on a large custom order for bees and that is fun (because, glass melting!), but what drives me is COLOR. I am playing around with some new glass color reactions as a treat to myself for making my way through all of the bees. I’m excited for more color experimentation breaks during…

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Happy Spring (and New Beads)

Cherry Blossom Heart -

First off, happy spring! Even though many of you have been experiencing less than spring-like conditions. I found this sweet little cherry blossom heart last week while walking. At first, I thought someone fashioned this floral greeting, but it was just the way a little branch was growing out of the trunk. I know. I…

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New Items & Newsletter Update

Bone Yard Bones -

New Shop Items I have spent the last several days rephotographing all of my listings – in my shop – for a more uniform appearance. I listed many new items, including this Bone Yard bargain in my shop. Newsletter Update Today’s newsletter just went out. In case you missed it, here are the main points: Studio update…

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Studio Update: Drywall

While I haven’t melted glass lately :(, I have been working. The studio is coming along. Inspector Q Quincy has been very interested in this project, right from the start. I thought he would grow tired of the action, but no. We should have named him Curious. He has completed many inspections so far. He…

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Sparkly New Year

Happy New Year! Seems like such a cliche’, but I am genuinely excited for 2016. The last year was fine – no complaints, but I view it as an incubator year. A year of cleaning up clutter (real life clutter and less tangible clutter, too) and a feeling of ‘getting ready’ for new things, such…

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