Kiln Load -

To maintain some semblance of sanity while working on speeding up my website, I did lots of torching and fusing! Here is what is in the kiln right now. These pieces are undergoing their second (and for the flower, third) firing. In 8 hours, I will be able[…]

Designer's Group - Summer Somewhere -

I am starting something new this week: Groupings of beads with jewelry designers in mind. The deal on these groupings is this: 1) They ARE first quality (fully inspected, cleaned, smooth bead holes) and kiln annealed, as all of my beads are. 2) They are NOT matched sets[…]

Bee Charm and Hand-painted Watercolor Notecard

What’s your favorite thing about fall? Colorful leaves? Cooler weather? Cozy evenings? ? Fall is admittedly not my favorite season, but! there are things to love. For this drawing, all you need to do is: Join my Art For Sale group on Facebook Add your favorite thing (words[…]

Heart Forests and Rain - Fused Glass Suncatchers by Janet Crosby

This week, I am introducing some new fused glass pieces. They are inspired by where I live — rolling green hills of wheat and barley fields — dotted with fir trees. In this case though, I dotted my landscape with hearts. I also made a ‘rain-lover’ fused piece.[…]

New Listings - group 1 -

Yesterday, I wrote about a new way to be first in line to see and purchase my glass art. The most direct route is to join my Facebook group for purchasing my art. I will also post group shots of what I will be listing right here. If[…]

Fusing some glass drops to go with all of the driftwood I can’t stop myself from collecting. I created custom wire loops for each set and working on stringing everything up next. Even though these are known as wind chimes, I think they are better off as light-breeze[…]

My last post was during a 5-day power outage due to a massive windstorm in our area. Most thankfully, the power came on right before Thanksgiving (for us – not everyone was as fortunate). So I had an unplanned break in glass fusing momentum and blogging. No Power[…]

I save everything, especially art supplies. Sometimes this is useful, sometimes it just creates a storage problem. 😉 For years now, I have saved every single glass rod scrap – those ends that I couldn’t bear to throw away but weren’t long enough to make a bead. The[…]