New in the shop: charm sets

Sea Star Charms Set by Janet Crosby

Charms! These new little glass charm sets are a great as jewelry – necklace or earrings, a zingy zipper pull, a charm for your purse, hanging from the rear view mirror, knitting markers… so many possibilities!

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Quick Knit – Headphone Headband

Knitted Headphones by Janet Crosby

I found these flat, paddle-like earphones recently on Amazon. They are meant to fit inside a headband. I wasn’t sure about wearing a headband while trying to sleep, but I thought I would knit a headband and give it a try.

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The Reindogs

The Reluctant Reindog

Today I am spotlighting a post over on my other site because it features knitting. In this case, knitting tiny reindeer hats for my dogs.

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Goats, Coats, and Soaps

Baby Goat Coat

I apologize — I am way behind on studio remodel updates and bead listings, but for now… baby goats. Wearing knitted coats. As some of you know, I love to knit. I have knitted many items over the years, but this was a first – a baby goat coat. This is part of a larger…

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Seattle, Sweater Knitting, and Sugar Skulls

Summer has lingered and my usual fall hibernation hasn’t happened yet. Soon, though. Here is a quick photo tour of what I have been doing and a few of the things I have been working on. Road Trip: Seattle My husband joined me on this trip at the last minute, so that meant car knitting time. Some…

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Jellies on the Beach I love a good storm. Especially a good storm at the coast. And when the winds are “just right” – blowing in straight from the west, you find these creatures: velella jellies. There were thousands of them the other morning, after a heavy-blowing storm the night before. Poor things. Stranded by the…

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