Spoonflower Shrooms - Janet Crosby

As many of you know, I love to paint and photograph mushrooms. I have always been ‘aware’ of mushrooms, growing up in the Pacific Northwest, but this renewed interest was surprising, even to me. It started in my own backyard and then continued with my love of hiking and[…]

Spooky Trees Makeover - janetcrosby.com

I hate being scared. You will never find me at a scary movie or a haunted house. Suffice to say, the only thing I like about Halloween is the candy. But I couldn’t resist stopping by the Halloween section at Target a while ago. A small framed piece of[…]

Red Glass Hearts by Janet Crosby

Whatever medium I am working in  — glass, paint, watercolor, photography, yarn — the unifying inspiration for me is color. Sweet harmonies and zingy pops of colors. I love them all. I love working with glass in particular because of the interplay of light. Transparent glass is my favorite,[…]

Watercolor Flowers - janetcrosby.com

Inspiration is everywhere for me. Sometimes I am actually slowed down by my overflow of ideas. My goal is to utilize my inspirations rather than let them pile up. Because I don’t want to be drowning in supplies and stuff and never actually creating anything. That said… I[…]

Watercolor Flowers - janetcrosby.com

I have been practicing watercolor painting this summer.I can’t stop making these little note cards for enclosures or tiny pick-me-up notes. Next up… maybe some birds or ocean themes…? For now, flowers-flowers-and more flowers! These note cards are business card size. And mini envelopes! Love. Not much bigger than[…]

Summer is both a crazy busy time and a lull time. Busy with longer days and all of the fun things do to outdoors. Lull time for business and shopping. I am spending this summer busy outdoors and busy indoors, sorting. Sorting inventory and organizing gallery spaces. This[…]

Wave Bracelets by Andrea Guarino

Even though I have been focusing on creating with a ‘limited palette’ of colors (so far, red beads and purple beads), I love color. All the colors. I am so excited to learn a new technique — coloring sterling silver. Feast Your Eyes 🙂 These are Andrea Guarino’s[…]

Octopus Detail - janetcrosby.com

I started my mosaic octopus some time ago and at times I wondered if I would ever finish this piece, but I am happy to say that the octo is up! It has been a long labor of love. Mosaic Art I didn’t think I would enjoy doing a mosaic.[…]

Octopus Mosaic - JanetCrosby.com

A few days ago, I posted a photo of an octopus mosaic that I am working on (that post is here). My studio is almost complete. All except for this bare spot on my wall. The octopus is now all glued down and I am working on the[…]

Instagram Octo - www.janetcrosby.com

If I had to pick a favorite social media hangout, it would be Instagram. Photos! Clean and simple. At least for today, anyway. I added a Instagram widget in the sidebar (to the right) that displays my Instagram feed. That is where you can see updates — new beads,[…]