Spoonflower Shrooms - Janet Crosby

As many of you know, I love to paint and photograph mushrooms. I have always been ‘aware’ of mushrooms, growing up in the Pacific Northwest, but this renewed interest was surprising, even to me. It started in my own backyard and then continued with my love of hiking and[…]

Feathers by Janet Crosby

I regularly post something related to birds on Fridays — you can find them on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I use the hashtag #FeatherFriday for these posts. Here’s this week’s photo. A wild and windy spring #FeatherFriday! ? . . #feathers #birds #prisma #birdfeathers #barn #swirly A post[…]

Solitary Mushroom - janetcrosby.com

Bear with me, those of you who are tired of my posts about mushrooms. I am still finding so many different kinds out there. Thanks in large part to the rainiest October on record. I am not the only one noticing the mushroom explosion. My local paper did[…]

Fall Hike - Giant rock with a single tree

I was recently asked this question, and before I blurt out my standard answer of ‘everywhere,’ I carried this question on a hike to mull it over. I recently discovered an amazing trailhead, only a few minutes from my house. My daughter went with me, and while she[…]

Red Glass Hearts by Janet Crosby

Whatever medium I am working in  — glass, paint, watercolor, photography, yarn — the unifying inspiration for me is color. Sweet harmonies and zingy pops of colors. I love them all. I love working with glass in particular because of the interplay of light. Transparent glass is my favorite,[…]

Summer is both a crazy busy time and a lull time. Busy with longer days and all of the fun things do to outdoors. Lull time for business and shopping. I am spending this summer busy outdoors and busy indoors, sorting. Sorting inventory and organizing gallery spaces. This[…]

Janet Crosby Torchwork - Creative Life Spokane

Last month I posted a behind-the-scenes look at my studio photo shoot with Jon and Tim from Creative Life Spokane. We had a great time! Yesterday they revisited my studio, with photographs in hand. Jon and Tim captured my studio, tools, and me working at the torch. I[…]

Instagram Octo - www.janetcrosby.com

If I had to pick a favorite social media hangout, it would be Instagram. Photos! Clean and simple. At least for today, anyway. I added a Instagram widget in the sidebar (to the right) that displays my Instagram feed. That is where you can see updates — new beads,[…]

Creative Life Spokane - light metering

My studio remodel seemed to take forever, but thankfully we got it finished just in the nick of time for a long-planned photo shoot with Jon and Tim from Creative Life Spokane. Creative Life Spokane was started 3  years ago by photographers Jon Leper and Tim Halloran to[…]

Quincy and the cords - Janet Crosby

The studio rebuild work continues. It seems like the small fiddly bits are taking the longest. Right now I am mainly waiting on floor tile to be done. I can’t wait to move in and organize everything. I am perhaps a little more excited than I should be[…]