Blooming Orange Flower Necklace

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Flowers that bloom in a ball of fire and molten glass. 😍

Clear and transparent colors have always been my favorite types of glass to work with, and this type of pendant showcases the unique properties of molten glass; flowing movement and then … frozen forever. I use an optically clear glass for optimal quality and ‘glass orb’ look.

I created this flower starting with making color canes that add depth and pop to the petals. This flower has bright red-orange petals and a bright center of yellow stamens.

This fiery flower appears to ‘bloom’ from the base of this pendant. The main portion of this piece is round (similar to a snow globe), and serves to magnify the bloom.

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Pendant Details

  • Glass bail (loop) will fit a variety of chains.
  • The included chain is a 24-inch 1.5mm metal ball chain. Chain upgrades available.
  • Fully kiln annealed flower bead.