Pink Wing Dirty Bird


This plucky little bird has a striped wing, a striped eye, and lose striations on the ivory body. The copper loops (top and bottom) react with this base glass, creating an ‘antiqued’ look.

This fused glass bird is perfect as a mini wall or window hanging (fairly opaque, not a suncatcher). It would also be a great rear-view mirror buddy. It could also be worn as a necklace — if the 3″ ‘wingspan’ width doesn’t scare you. See available chains here. The copper cable chain would go well with this bird.

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  • Approximately 3″ wide and 3″ tall
  • Copper loops (top and bottom)
  • Copper wire legs
  • Green striped murrini eye
  • Striated/’antiqued’ body
  • Pink wing with yellow stripes