Midnight Rays – Large Vase / Candle Holder


I am calling this a “candle vase” because it is part of a series that is much larger than my smaller tealight holders. This glass vase works well with a tealight candle (as seen in the last photo) as well as to hold a string of fairy LED lights or a bunch of short-stem flowers.

This vase has two layers and was fired two times to create this shape. The first firing was to fuse the clear iridescent on the inside with the deep dark blue glass on the outside. I also added thin clear and iridescent strips to the outside. The second firing was to create the flowing shape.

This candle vase looks like dark blue or even black from afar, but reveals the deep blue and the ‘rays’ when light shows through it. This vase is similar to Midnight Rays Varied candle vase, but the rays on this one are all the same width.

US shipping is included. Additional details about this vase are below.

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The Details

  • 5.25″ wide at widest point
  • 3″ tall
  • The base is 2.25″ in diameter

Lighting tip: I use LED fairy lights that run on 2AA batteries. I have used the string in the photos for hours of use. Unlike the coin battery that many strings come with and only last a few hours.