Orange Octopus Necklace

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This is a little mini orange octopus, hanging on a barrel bead of sea swirls and waves.

Octopus: A bright tangerine orange with turquoise polka dots and sucker-feet.

Barrel bead: A white base that I encased in a lacy network of aqua-blues. This glass is out of production now, but the aqua transparent with the sapphire blue veining is something to see. Viewed best on the ‘underside’ photo view.

Dive right in! 💦

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Pendant Details

  • Wired up on Argentium (0.925) sterling silver and Swarovski crystal.
  • Jump ring is silver-plated.
  • Chain is a 24-inch 1.5mm metal ball chain.
  • Fully kiln annealed octopus bead.