Rainbow Core Glass Flower Lei Set (7)


This bead set features cores of color — red, orange, yellow, lime, aqua, cobalt blue, and lavender. Then I encased the core in clear, added flowers and additional clear glass for a watery, floating effect. Each color is transparent, so there is a nice ‘glow’ of color for each bead.

These beads are close in size and would be perfect as a set in a project or individually in multiple pieces

Need this bead set wired up?

I use Argentium sterling silver wire and Swarovski crystal accent beads to wire this bead into a pendant. Click here for more info about the wire-up service.

Need a chain?

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Mandrel size (bead hole): 3/32″ for all beads in this set
25mm = 1 inch

Beads range in size:
13.3 – 14.0 mm diameter
8.0 – 8.8 mm high (hole-to-hole)


Bead Shapes

I do not use molds or presses to make my beads. Each one is formed ‘freehand’ in the flame. This listing is for the actual bead(s) pictured.


Rainbow Barn by Janet Crosby