Red Riveted Heart

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This is a relatively new design for me — a ‘riveted’ heart necklace. My intent was to create a heart with a bit of ‘movement’ to it as it is suspended from the chain.

This heart was created using a deep red glass and purple-lavender dots encircle the heart on the outer edge.

This heart has a sterling silver core and a handmade fine silver (0.999 silver) bail, which is the loop by which the heart hangs from the sterling silver necklace.

Necklace Chain Choices

This listing is for the heart only. Here are the available chain choices. The pictured chain is the 20″ sterling silver mini-ball chain.

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This glass bead was made by me using a propane-oxygen torch to shape the molten glass, followed by 8 hours in the kiln to anneal it. My beads are created “free-form” using basic hand tools to create the basic bead shape. (I do not use molds)

Fully kiln annealed.

Additional Details

    • Pendant bead (including loop) is approximately 1.25″ in length and 1″ wide.
    • Fully kiln annealed
    • Bead core is sterling silver.
    • Bail (loop for the chain) is fine silver – hammered and shaped by hand.
    • The pictured chain is a 20″ sterling silver mini-ball chain.